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Transitional Math-From Middle School to High School

Transitional Math-From Middle School to High School

Middle school transitional years are riddled with social, physical and emotional changes. Sixth and eighth grade students face several challenges and one of them is preparing for high school math. It’s not easy to adjust to high school let alone it’s challenging math classes.

Nevertheless, there are several strategies students and teachers could use to prepare for high school math, let us consider them. 

Preparing For High School Math

  1. Focus On Independent Learning

    One of the biggest challenges middle school students struggle with is assuming responsibility for their own learning. This means that they have to depend on themselves and take more responsibility for their education. Parents and teachers assume the role of facilitators instead of educators. To make students gain learning independence teachers can schedule regular meetings to discuss assignments.

    Teachers can break assignments into manageable tasks and create an action plan for long-term projects. Math assignments can be challenging and students are sometimes guilty of procrastinating. This often makes them stressed and overwhelmed. One of the best strategies is to study ahead of time. This improves your game plan and enables you to tackle new subject material before it’s discussed in class.

  2. Improve Study Skills

    Middle school students have a more relaxed educational strategy than high schoolers. When transitioning to high school, students should get into the habit of allocating time daily to study math. It is important to start using a planner to track assignments and fill relevant information on homework and projects.

  3. Strengthen Math Skills

    Because high school students have a higher workload, they naturally need to catch up on math topics that they are falling back on. To strengthen areas of weakness in recall of math facts, students must practice math problems and equations regularly. Other strategies involve applying math to real life, this gives students the motivation they need to think of real-world examples where math concepts are applied and use them.

    There are a variety of math apps and online courses that students can potentially utilize. Mathway is an interesting app that helps high school students with math problems. The app has a range of interesting topics like linear equations, quadratic equations, absolute equations and graphing algorithms. 

    To reinforce your math skills in an organized way, online courses are a great resource. Online courses enhance your study habits and help you master the math skills you need without the looming pressure of deadlines and homework. 

  4. Get a Head-Start on High School Math

    To enable students to thrive, give them a head start on high school math in middle school. Most colleges and schools accept high school level courses such as algebra in 8th grade. If you have a student who is ready for more challenging topics, taking one or two high school credit courses in middle school is a great opportunity to get a head start on high school math.

    If you find it challenging to tackle coursework or catch up with lesson plans a mathematics tutor can be of great help. 

Adapting To High School Math

Many are the challenges of high school life, nevertheless, students can thrive with a few useful strategies they could use in math class and high school.

  1. Adaptability

    Adaptability is your capacity to deal with new or changing circumstances or situations. For students this means using the knowledge and skills in high school to successfully enroll in college.

    When students learn to adapt, they will embrace challenges better. Moreover, they will always be relevant throughout their working lives because they are willing to explore different tools, strategies and techniques.

  2. Stress Management

    Assignments, tests and projects can make students experience heightened pressure. Students who successfully control their frustration and manage stress can mitigate discomfort.

    Another helpful strategy is to change the pace of study. This involves slowing down and understanding

    math concepts before proceeding with other topics.

  1. Communication

    The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important factors in high school life. Without effective communication students will not learn concepts, ask questions and get along with classmates and teachers.

    Encouraging students to communicate in class will help them think, talk and deepen their understanding of math.

Making The Leap Into High School Math

Bridging the gap from middle school math to high school math requires effort. Primarily, students need to focus on independent learning. They can also make use of online learning resources and virtual tutors.  They can build on conceptual learning by establishing study groups with their peers. 


Many students choose to take high school math subjects in middle school to prepare for high school math and its challenges. Whatever option students choose, they must remember to make the most out of the middle school years to create a smooth transition into high school.


Online Math Center tutors help students transition to high school math through guided learning and custom-made math curriculums.


If you would like to learn more about our math high school teaching strategy, contact us today.

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