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Individual Tutoring vs. Group Tutoring—Which One to Choose?

Not all students are the same. Some children learn faster in classroom settings while others do much better with private tutoring (one on one sessions). That’s why choosing the right learning environment for your child is extremely important. But making that choice can be a bit daunting.


How can you tell which program is more suitable for your child’s needs? And which program can accommodate your child’s learning capabilities and goals, especially if they’re doing to study a complex subject such as math? And how are you going to find the perfect private math tutor with appropriate background to teach your kid?


It’s important to consider the learning capabilities, needs, goals as well as preferences of your child if you want to make a decision that yields maximized results.


With that in mind, let’s explore the benefits of both group and individual tutoring so that you can set your child up for academic success.

We will also describe how our math learning centers’ private tutors will help you along the way.

The Benefits Of Individual Tutoring

It goes without saying, but anyone can benefit from private tutoring with individual sessions or a private math tutor at any given time. Having focused attention that targets specific needs can be useful no matter where a student is on their learning journey. However, there are several situations when individual tutoring is not only a beneficial experience but also a necessary process.


For example, if a child is uncomfortable in group settings or requires intensive support combined with undivided attention, an individual learning program can do wonders. Plus, there’s always the option to switch to a group program later down the road. But to accommodate those initial necessities, starting with individualized tutoring is highly advised.


Likewise, if a child is already attending a group tutoring program but wants more advanced training or needs to fine-tune certain areas, individual sessions can be considered as complementary practice.


To summarize, private tutoring sessions are ideal for students who require:


  • Individualized learning support for a certain subject/topic, either advanced or basic;

  • A different pace of learning, either slower or faster;

  • A different learning environment to minimize distractions or demotivation;

  • Niche support for competitions.

Our individual math tutoring program exceeds traditional learning and is designed to accommodate the needs of such students. In our one on one math tutoring sessions, we offer students individual support and focused attention to help them:


  • Consolidate what they’ve learned in class;

  • Understand new concepts for further advancement;

  • Learn at their own unique pace;

  • Develop their learning style;

  • Prepare for exams, assessments, or competitions.

By taking an individualized approach to each student’s growth, our math learning center facilitates the development of mathematical thinking while also promoting a love for this subject and teaching students new skills that will not only earn them better grades in school but also prepare them for those challenges in life that require analytical and rational abilities.


The Advantages Of Small Group Tutoring

Students who are keen to learn and thrive in a collegial environment will find group tutoring much more effective. Even students advancing from private tutoring programs will experience newfound intellectual stimulation as they seek to reinforce their skills and extend their knowledge.


Especially in smaller groups, students can easily learn from each other and:


  • Experience a motivation increase;

  • Benefit from a support system;

  • Adjust to structured learning.

Larger groups, however, can have the opposite effect and stifle learning.


Here at Online Math Center…

…classrooms consist of five students each. This ideal, small group size facilitates faster, more comprehensive learning in children who are grouped together based on their difficulty levels. This also helps them relate to each other and develop a support system.


So, not only will a child experience peer support and refine fundamental social skills, but he or she will also benefit from a personalized learning environment that is both appropriately challenging and academically nurturing.


By working only with skillful, talented, and dedicated math tutors, we are also able to make every lesson interactive. Activities such as crossword puzzles, pair-matching games, or memory exercises, are extremely effective and engaging in our ideally-sized classrooms.



Whether your child needs to start with group or private math tutoring, you can always switch or combine programs to fit the case at any given moment. And you can always count on our expert math tutors to help you make informed decisions in this regard.


Everyone learns in different ways, and we want to ensure that your child has a chance to achieve academic success. With our care, attention, and personalized lesson plan, your child will undoubtedly reach new academic heights.

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