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Grades 9-12

Thanks to our approach to SAT preparation, students' average Math SAT score is above 700.

Our SAT prep curriculum is designed to fill foundational gaps in students’ knowledge and to help students become familiar with the SAT test’s sections, question types, challenges, all through active practice, accurately reflecting real test questions.


We believe that structured, intensive and, of course, interesting lessons will help everyone to prepare for any exam, as well as develop mathematical thinking and analytical mind. Our SAT preparation course is a hands-on course and concentrates on the math part of the test. The preparation is based on iterative problem solving in lectures and extensive exercises in homework tasks.

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“Math is my passion and I am always happy to show the beauty of this science to others through my lessons!

I’ve been doing math all my life. During my school years, I was the winner of many national and international Olympiads in mathematics, geometry, robotics and physics. Now I am engaged in many mathematical researches and actively publish my scientific papers on geometry. Moreover, I have been working as a tutor for 5 years, 3 of which I have been preparing students for the SAT tests.”


Frequently asked questions

SAT math subjects focus on algebra, solving equations, and data interpretation from tables and graphs, and include basic algebra and advanced algebra topics (linear equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations and inequalities), nonlinear expressions (quadratic equations, quadratic and exponential expressions, exponents and polynomials, linear and quadratic systems, nonlinear equation graphs), problem solving & data analysis (ratios, rates, proportions, percents, lots, scatterplots, linear and exponential growth, data inferences, center, spread, and shape of distributions, data collection and conclusions), geometry, trigonometry, and problems with complex numbers.

Private tutoring brings the benefit of accelerated learning through a one-on-one test prep curriculum that consolidates the understanding of SAT math subjects, and suggests efficient work methods and learning strategies. Our SAT tutor will ensure that the student gets the individual attention he deserves, which will help them focus on the parts of the test they really need to work on.

Our SAT Program is customized to the student’s availability and timeline. The full program is designed for approximately 7 months (27 weeks), with two lessons per week.

Our SAT preparation course includes several hours dedicated to testing, accurately reflecting real test questions. Students will be tested in real-time, and will be timed exactly as they will be timed on the real SAT. Each test will be accompanied by a review of practice test errors, and all areas where the student is still struggling will be revisited with the tutor.

Following the SAT curriculum and methodology, the preparation program begins with a trial test, assessing the student’s math level and identifying their weak areas. The OMC tutor conducts a live interactive online lesson with a single student. The student and teacher can see and hear each other during the classes and the lessons are carried out in real-time. The SAT preparation program concludes with a final revision & testing.

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