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“Not every one of our students will become a great mathematician, but each of them will have practical skills and knowledge that will allow them to easily interact with society and solve various life problems. You ask me — how? The answer is simple: they will learn to find patterns in the world around them, which is a key skill of a successful person.” 


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Mrs. Shumskaya is a qualified methodologist and the creator of OMC’s unique mathematical program. Her program features an in-depth study of algebra and geometry. Moreover, Mrs. Shumskaya is:

  • Author of educational programs for general and specialized schools with advanced programs of mathematics
  • Organizer of Olympiad tasks for students
  • Developer of materials for Federal monitoring
  • Member of the State Examination Commission
  • Expert of professional attestation commissions

In 1985, Mrs. Shumskaya graduated with honors from Tomsk State University, Faculty of Radio Physics, and then continued her studies at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering Pedagogy.

Over the past 35 years, Mrs. Shumskaya has repeatedly demonstrated the highest level of skill and professionalism while actively teaching and conducting research in her field.

Why choose us


Highly qualified
English-speaking tutors


Students passed the final OMC test with the maximum score


Years of experience in creating and adapting math programs


Students improved their math grades and exam results

Our tutors

All our teachers have professional backgrounds in mathematics and are highly passionate about the subject. They go through extensive training to teach according to our specific methodology and curriculum.


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