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math history

History of Math

  • History of arithmetic and geometry
  • History of numbers
  • History of ancient numeral systems
  • Ancient measurement methods for length and weight
Fundamental geometry

Fundamental Geometry

  • The simplest geometric shapes: point, straight line, segment, semi-straight, polyline
  • Cutting tasks
  • Polyhedra: scans of polyhedra
  • Circle, radius, diameter, chord, sector, segment
  • Bodies of rotation
  • Square and cube of a number
  • Units of measurement of lengths, areas, and volumes
  • Corners: measurement and types of angles
solving world problems with math

Solving World Problems

  • Solving word problems through operations
  • Using tables to solve word problems
natural numbers of math

Natural Numbers

  • Numeral systems
  • Classes and digits in the decimal system for natural numbers
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of natural numbers
numeral operations

Numeral Operations

  • Tables of operations on numbers
  • Quick counting techniques
  • Division with the remainder
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Rules of divisibility for numbers divided by 3,4,8,9,6,7,11,13,1001
  • Comparing numbers
  • Solving equations using operation components
  • Approximate value of a number
  • Converting a number from one number system to another
math fractions


  • Fractions and shares
  • Ordinary fractions
  • Mixed numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of ordinary fractions with the same denominator
  • Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers
  • The concept of a decimal fraction
  • Comparison of decimals
  • Addition and subtraction of decimals
  • Multiplication of decimals
  • Division of decimals
  • Multiplication and division of decimals by 10, 100, 1000, etc
  • Multiplication and division of decimals by 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, etc
math games

Math Games

  • Numerical puzzles
  • The arithmetic mean: practical application of the arithmetic mean in real life
  • The average speed of movement
  • Coloring pages, drawings, ornaments, patterns
  • The concept of interest: solving percentage problems
  • The use of a calculator in calculations
  • Math games
logical math

Logical Math

  • Solving the simplest logical problems
  • Solving logical problems using tables
algebraic math

Algebraic Math

  • Magic squares
  • Simple and compound numbers
  • The Sieve of Eratosthenes
  • Least common multiple
  • Greatest common divisor
  • Euclid’s algorithm
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Random events: the probability of a random event
  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Line coordinates
  • The modulus of the number
  • Comparison of numbers
complex math fractions

Complex Fractions

  • The basic property of fractions
  • Mutually prime numbers
  • Comparison of fractions
  • Reciprocal-inverse fractions
  • Operations with ordinary fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Three main tasks on fractions
  • Converting an ordinary fraction to decimal and vice versa
  • Relationships and proportions
  • Properties of proportions
  • Percentage and percentage ratio
  • Direct and inverse proportional dependencies
  • Solving problems using proportions
  • The division of the value in this respect
  • Letter expressions: ratio
geometry curriculum


  • Axial and central symmetries
  • Coordinate plane
  • Constructions on the coordinate plane: polylines, symmetries
math games

Math Games

  • Patterns, coloring pages
study rational numbers

Rational Numbers

  • Sets of numbers: natural, integer, rational
  • Addition and subtraction of rational numbers
  • Table of operations with rational numbers
math equations


  • Solving equations
  • Solving problems using equations


math games

Math Games

  • Numbers and calculations. Numeric Puzzles
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Divisibility of natural numbers. Divisibility rules. Pigeonhole principle
  • Constructible problems
  • Game Challenges
study linear equation

Linear equation with one variable

  • The concept of an equation as a model of a process
  • Linear equation with one variable
  • Using equations to solve text problems
  • Interpretation of a real situation in the form of a linear equation
polynomial expressions

Polynomial expressions

  • Equivalent expressions. Identities
  • Powers with natural exponent
  • Natural exponent properties
  • Monomials
  • Polynomials
  • Addition and subtraction of polynomials
  • Multiplication of monomial by a polynomial
  • Multiplication of polynomial by polynomial
  • Division of polynomial by polynomial
  • Factoring polynomials. Bracketing the common factor
  • Factoring polynomials. Grouping method
  • Product of sum and difference of two expressions
  • Difference of two squares
  • Square of a sum and square of a difference
  • Convert polynomial to square of a sum or square of a difference
  • Sum of a cube and difference of a cube
  • Various methods of factoring a polynomial
math functions


  • The relationship between the quantities
  • Representations of functions
  • Function graph
  • Linear function, its graph and properties
systems of linear equations

Systems of linear equations with two variables

  • Equations with two variables
  • Linear equation with two variables and its graph
  • Systems of linear equations with two variables. Graphical method of solving a system of two linear equations with two variables
  • Systems of linear equations: solving by substitution
  • Systems of linear equations: solving by addition method
  • Systems of linear equations: solving by analytical comparison
  • Solving problems using systems of linear equations


learn basic concepts of geometry

Basic concepts of geometry

  • Geometric figures
  • Line
  • Point, line, plane
  • What does geometry study?
basic properties of points, lines, planes

Basic properties of points, lines, planes

  • Arrangement of points, lines, planes
  • Angles, polygonal lines, polygons
  • Circle
  • Arrangement of a circle and straight line
study triangles


  • Congruence tests for triangles
  • Isosceles triangle
  • Triangle inequality
  • Concept of property statement and its converse
study parallel lines

Parallel lines

  • Proving lines are parallel
  • Sum of angle measures in a triangle
  • Sum of angle measures in polygon
  • An exterior angle of a triangle
geometric constructions

Geometric constructions

  • Line segment construction
  • Angle construction, angle bisector
  • Construction of circumscribed and inscribed circles
  • Perpendicular line construction
math rational expressions

Rational expressions

  • Rational fractions
  • The main property of a rational fraction
  • Addition and subtraction of rational fractions with the same denominators
  • Addition and subtraction of rational fractions with different denominators
math assessment 1

Math Assessment 1

  • Multiplication and division of rational fractions. Raising a rational fraction to a power
  • Identical transformations of rational expressions
math assessment 2

Math Assessment 2

  • Equivalent equations
  • Degree with negative integer exponent
  • Integer exponent properties
  • Function y = k / x and its graph
  • Graphical method for solving equations in one variable.
math square roots, real numbers

Math Assessment 3 Square roots. Real numbers

  • Function y = x2 and its graph
  • Square roots. Arithmetic square root
  • The set and its elements
  • Subset. Operations on sets
  • Number sets
  • Arithmetic square root properties
  • Identical transformations of expressions containing arithmetic square roots
  • Function y = (root of x) and its graph
math quadraic equations

Math Assessment 4 Quadratic equations

  • Quadratic equations. Types of quadratic equations
  • Solving incomplete quadratic equations
  • Formula for the roots of a quadratic equation (2 formulas)
  • Vieta’s Theorem
math assessment 5

Math Assessment 5

  • Square trinomial. Factoring a square trinomial
  • Equations with parameters (linear, square)
  • Solving equations that reduce to quadratic equations
  • Rational equations as mathematical models of real situations
math assessment 6

Math Assessment 6

  • Numerical inequalitiess

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