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How Does Individual Math Tutoring Benefit Your Child?

Tutoring has a long history of additional education. For centuries, children of wealthy families had their own private tutors and some of the most popular writers, thinkers or artists have worked as private tutors or teachers. Why did wealthy families consider that their children should have individual tutoring? 


Back in the days, it was a matter of selective higher education, nowadays it concerns comprehending better and fathoming the subjects of learning, especially major disciplines like languages or mathematics in order to get better scores at final exams. Why should you choose individual tutoring?  


Mathematics can be a complicated subject for some students. Whether the in-class pace is too fast (or slow) for them, or the school teacher doesn’t have the time or abilities to manage various styles of learning, some students are left behind. Thus, individual math tutoring has the role to aid the student learn according to their own information-processing style.  


In 2020, the individual tutoring market exploded due to the pandemics measuring globally up to USD 92.59 billion. It is predicted to grow in the nearby future as an alternative to formal education due to the uncertain global, socio-political events. However, that is not the only reason why individual or private tutoring is quite popular. High technology demand requires a multitude of skills that are not necessarily taught in the formal educational system. In order to learn a new language or programming, coding or other mathematical processes, students need a quick, accessible learning tool and that is private tutoring.

individual math tutoring

In relation to technological advancement, competition among students has also grown.


Parents choose supplementary education for their children in order to secure a better job opportunity in the future. Thus, final exams are tremendously important for the portfolio of a child so often, children are enrolled in individual tutoring sessions in order to prepare for final exams or competitions

It is safe to say that individual tutoring sessions will help your child:


  • Understanding better major subjects in formal education;

  • Reduce evaluation anxiety;

  • Be better prepared for exams and competitions;

  • Have additional learning support in solving projects or homework;

  • Increase chances of acquiring higher grades;

  • Have the opportunity to learn more information;

  • Acquire useful skills for future jobs;

These are the general points in favor of individual tutoring. Additionally, in the case of major disciplines, taught across the world, individual tutoring brings extra benefits for students.

The Benefits Of Individual Math Tutoring

As an online school, our math tutors frequently meet with students that have a hard time learning mathematics during formal education. There are some students who are more artistic and the rigid process of teaching mathematics in school can be either boring or general so it doesn’t enable their particular learning ability. On the other hand, there are students who excel at math and formal education doesn’t challenge them enough. And then, there are the students uninterested in mathematics but obliged to learn it in order to please their parents or move to the next level of education. 


In all cases, individual math tutoring can provide supplementary solutions tailored according to each student’s needs. The private math tutor can adjust the lesson plan even during class depending on the student’s reaction. The student can feel more confident in 1 to 1 learning because they don’t feel the pressure of competing with other students or being judged. Moreover, the student can explore various ways of learning mathematics be it via extracurricular activities or applied mathematics in day-to-day life. 

How does your child benefit from individual math tutoring:

  • Personalized lesson plan according to the learning style
  • Additional knowledge like tricks, tips and applied math
  • Increased confidence in math skills
  • Significant reduction in math anxiety
individual math tutoring program

Thanks to individual tutoring, the student manages to acquire new abilities at affordable expenses, in a timely and useful manner. 


If you haven’t tried individual math tutoring before, take a look at OMC’s programs and choose the one that suits your child or yourself (if you are a student) the best. Moreover, you can check our blog to get a bit of taste of how we teach mathematics.


We always try to make it fun and useful for students! Reach out to us to plan your math learning experience!  

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