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Uncover the Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

Technology has done wonders in education. But one of the most prominent opportunities it has given us is the possibility of online tutoring. At any given time, students can now solve homework challenges or deepen their understanding of a subject with the help of a reliable online tutor. Especially in today’s world, when education is being reshaped by pandemic-related regulations, online tutoring seems to be the solution to enhancing remote learning, homeschooling, and keeping students interested in their education.  But, when considering an online tutoring program, you want to know exactly what to expect. Although it sounds promising in theory, you still want to have a clear picture of how it will develop and what kind of results it will produce. So, let’s explore the benefits and shortcomings of online tutoring below.

The pros of online tutoring

As previously mentioned, online tutoring is one of the key solutions to the pandemic education crisis. This must be one of the most relevant and current benefits it can offer. As students are still getting adjusted to remote learning, they need extra support to consolidate their knowledge and transform the way they learn. This is where online tutoring comes in to fill in the gaps with a personalized curriculum and the right approach for each learning style. Whether individual or with small groups, online tutoring has several other benefits, including:
  • Convenience: Scheduling is much more flexible and lessons can be recorded and offered to the student if they want to revisit them. Additionally, another thing that makes online tutoring convenient is saved resources. There are fewer time and expenses spent on traveling, which is always a plus.
  • Motivation: Online classes can help students become more focused and motivated, entertaining their interest in the subjects that matter the most to them. Online classes don’t feel as formal as traditional ones, so students feel intellectually stimulated and encouraged to explore the subject with a fresh perspective.
  • Consolidation: Whether a student needs help filling in learning gaps or wants to deepen their understanding, online tutoring can do both, supplementing and enriching the knowledge of students.
  • Structure: For students that need more structure in their schoolwork and learning methods, online tutoring can help build a reliable framework.

The cons of online tutoring

With all these benefits, it’s hard to imagine that there would be any cons to online tutoring. Well, it all depends on the perspective. For example, online tutoring requires a bit more discipline than traditional learning. So, that could be considered a disadvantage but what if it’s an advantage in disguise? If a student is easily distracted, an online tutor who is aware of that can personalize the interaction and lesson in a way to keep the student engaged.  Overall, this little focus exercise, if constant, can help the student concentrate better in the long run. Another key consideration would be the subject of the online classes. Not all subjects can be easily taught or learned online. While all work, some are more functional online than others.  Last but not least, for some students and tutors, building a solid relationship through online classes can be difficult. While some find it harder to communicate efficiently in this medium, it’s not impossible to strengthen the student-teacher bond. It takes a bit of practice and, of course, time.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these pros and cons of online classes have helped you put things into perspective. Undoubtedly, the advantages of online programs far outweigh the potential drawbacks. In time, even the potential disadvantages for students that may find it difficult to focus online can turn into a benefit. As they will continue to adjust to this medium from their own comfortable learning environment, they will also expand their adaptability.

Here at OMC, we believe that online learning can help students on many different levels: from their math work to their adaptability and communication skills. And we take our online classes very seriously and diligently work to maximize the benefits of online tutoring. With our unique curriculum and methodology, we are helping students with math lessons from the convenience of their own homes. All our lessons are carried out in real time, with the student and the teacher being able to hear and see each other for a genuine online learning experience.

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