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The Benefits of Interactive Math in Your Teaching Strategy

The Benefits of Interactive Math in Your Teaching Strategy

Interactive math is a great learning tool to teach math to students creatively. As the name suggests, interactive math goes beyond the stereotypical learning methods that involve textbooks, pencils, and paper. 

When students learn math interactively, be it on a website or a computer, or a game, this helps them take an active role in understanding math concepts and applying them. In this article, we will learn more about the interactive math program (IMP) and discuss a few valuable strategies to teach it effectively.  

What is The Interactive Math Program (IMP)?

The interactive math program is a four-year problem-based math curriculum for high schools. The IMP books are authored by American professors Dan Fendel and Diane Resek. The interactive math program places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. It encourages students to solve challenging problems based on real-world scenarios.  


Unlike other math programs, interactive math focuses on multiple strategies to solve problems. It uses graphing calculators to allow students to solve math problems uniquely and enables them to focus on ideas instead. 


The IMP high school program has achieved remarkable results in high schools across the United States. Nevertheless, interactive math can be introduced to students at an early age as well. 

Teaching Interactive Math

To teach interactive math at an early age, teachers can include games; these could be ones played on a computer or creatively as a board game. A board game involving rolling dice or another instrument can teach students to calculate points. When a player rolls a dice, he must add together the numbers on the dice and apply that number to his next move in the game. 


Other forms of interactive math involve using computers and electronic media to create an interactive experience that combines audio, visual, and tangible learning experiences for students to improve their math skills.


For example, a computer game that includes audio queues helps students relate the information on the screen. The game will usually have different levels for different learners; nevertheless, when students play the interactive math game online using a mouse or a keyboard, this involves interaction, which all adds to the interactive learning experience. 


Interactive math activity games can include numbers and simple mathematics for beginners. For kindergartners, interactive math games could involve matching numbers, counting shapes to determine which one matches, and even performing mathematical functions to find matching numbers. 

Other interesting math games include math puzzles and riddles for students to solve math problems with precise applications other than pencil and paper, which are traditional methods. These interactive math problems are a great way to teach students how math is applied in different scenarios beyond solving a math problem in a textbook. 


There are also several online resources and math websites students could use to learn and practice interactive math skills. Let us explore a few of them. 

Useful Interactive Math Websites

Interactive math websites are great tools for parents and teachers to introduce math to students in fun and creative ways. These websites provide students with extra help in virtually every math concept doing so in an informative and educational way. Below are a few math websites to help students understand math concepts interactively across several age levels.

Math Playground

Math Playground is ideally suited for elementary school students; it includes a trove of games, lesson plans, printable worksheets, interactive manipulatives, and math videos. The website has a wide variety of resources, including games for young students and math videos. The videos cover a range of math concepts and provide step-by-step instruction on all basic math concepts to enhance a student’s learning experience.


Math Fact Practice

Math fact practice builds on the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These are necessary skills to practice math; without them, you cannot do math in the first place. Once you go on the website, you can select the difficulty level in all four operations and choose which ones to develop your skills on. Before you complete an assessment, you are given a timeframe. You can also compete against others as they improve their basic math skills in this creative exercise. 

Cool Math

Cool math is dedicated to higher-level math students. It has various lessons and math practice interactive games and exercises with specific skills. Students can learn those skills on their own and collaboratively. The website features math resources for parents and teachers as well.  

Create A Graph

Create a graph is a fun interactive tool that allows students of all ages to customize and create different graphs. Students can build five types of graphs: bar graph, line graph, area graph, pie graph, and XY graphs. Once you have selected the type of graph you want to create, you can enter your data by clicking on the data tab. You can print and preview your graph as well. The website also offers tutorials for new users and templates to customize your graphs. 

Online Math Center: The Best Interactive Math Resource

The Online Math Center tutors offer students a hands-on learning approach to math by including several interactive math activities to help them apply math concepts. The techniques our tutors use enable students to understand math beyond solving a problem in a textbook. If you would like to schedule a consultation or want to learn more, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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