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Benefits Of Online Math Learning Resources

Benefits Of Online Math Learning Resources

With the advent of the pandemic online learning has become the new norm. Students of all ages around the world are being acclimatized to learning online. This means that technology items laptops, iPads, and tablets have replaced traditional teaching tools like whiteboards, and a student’s home is essentially now the classroom. 

Online learning resources provide students with a visual learning experience like no other. They also allow complex concepts to be adapted to a student’s needs. Many wonder how a challenging subject like math can be taught online; read on if you would like to know more about the benefits of learning math online.

1. Flexibility

Math online resources offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. This means that they could be flexible when completing their assignments. Moreover, it also negates commuting to a venue, i.e., school or college.


Learning online allows you and your child to pick the location you feel most comfortable in. It could be your own home or somewhere else; all you need is internet access and a digital device that meets the requirements, i.e., a laptop or tablet.

2. Personalized Learning

A one size fits all curriculum is not necessarily an effective teaching strategy. Some students might fall behind, which forces parents to seek extra help. Online learning personalizes math topics and subjects according to students’ capability allowing them to achieve their full potential.


Personalized learning also enables students to digest each study module or subject gradually. Several online learning resources have virtual tutors who can coach students and provide positive feedback and reinforcement to progress. 

3. Increased Focus

A classroom environment can be full of distractions. Classroom distractions include students talking to each other and competing for the teacher’s attention. On the other hand, online math learning allows students to focus their attention on the tutor or the interactive study module they are completing.


When teaching math online, your child is the tutor’s priority and has their complete attention as opposed to a class of 30+ students, which could make some students feel abandoned and unnoticed.

4. Enhances Technological Skills

COVID-19 changed the world. Many students never imagined handling a class through video conferencing; some even found it confusing. Most children and students are now adept at handling all types of technological devices, even in small groups.


In our digital age, technology is everything; it is just as essential as reading skills. Online tutoring and specifically online math tutoring, enhances a student’s motor and digital skills.

5. Interactive Learning Experience

Learning interactively brings subjects to life through videos, animations, and movies. It also allows students to develop essential math skills and improve their understanding of basic math.


For example, multiplication tables and basic math functions like addition, subtraction, and division can be taught using interactive games and videos. Some of the games and videos are so enjoyable that students ask to play them repeatedly.  Scientific studies have shown that representing math concepts visually can significantly improve a student’s mental math skills. 

6. Accessible Learning

Technology and online learning resources made learning more accessible, particularly to students with economic or health barriers. For example, digital textbooks allow students with disabilities to access resources easier than struggling in a library.


Moreover, students who find it challenging to purchase a hardcopy math textbook can use an online learning resource to study math or download a digital version of a math book. Digital textbooks have more than one way of presenting information; they can easily be adjusted to make the text accessible to visually impaired students.

Helpful Online Learning Resources

When students move to distance learning, both students, parents, and teachers often feel lost. That was particularly the case at the beginning of the pandemic. Given the abundant online learning modules and thousands of online math learning resources, students and teachers are now adept at learning and communicating virtually.


There are several helpful online math learning resources and websites that both students and teachers could use. Let us explore some of them.



This online learning resource features a trove of interactive games and lessons for all age groups from Pre-K to grade 12. It also includes mobile apps, web-based examples, and sketch pads for an interactive learning experience. Above all, one of its most significant advantages is that it is free. 



e-mathinstruction is a supportive online math learning resource with several videos, lesson plans, and math courses. Each online course is aligned with school curriculums to create a custom-made learning experience. The website features premium content with exercises, answer keys, assessments, and high-level creative activities for students of all age groups.  


Imagine Learning

With several digital curriculums and supplementary instruction modules, imagine learning caters to students of all ages from pre-k to grade 12.  The supplementary core curriculums feature engaging activities, examples, and digital tools to promote critical thinking and mathematical reasoning. Data modules allow teachers to form instruction and improve the math learning outcome for every student. 



This highly interactive math online learning resource allows students to play and test mathematical ideas while collaborating. The online platform is great for students and teachers and has an interactive web-based graphing calculator. When students learn interactively as opposed to the repetitive classroom environment with whiteboards and textbooks they are more prone to enjoy the subject and look forward to it. 

Online Math Center Is The Best Online Math Learning Resource

Have you ever wondered if you could find the right tools and resources to enhance your child’s mathematical skills?  OMC’s tutors use a variety of math online learning resources to give your child a math learning experience like no other. They employ distinct teaching methods to help students complete their exercises and identify their strong and weak points and how to deal with them.


Contact us if you want to learn more about our tutors or schedule a consultation. 

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