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Enhancing Math Skills Through Extracurricular Activities (Part 2)

We have already previously talked about the importance of extracurricular activities in education. And today we are presenting you part 2!

Extracurricular activities can reinforce a subject in a child’s mind, they can also help children learn basic math skills in an innovative way. Most hobbies and recreational activities count as extracurriculars; these include sports, music, community service, math clubs, and more.

Extracurricular activities and games can be exciting; they can also strengthen math skills like addition, subtraction, division, and fractions. Children can practice math while doing tasks like cooking, board games, music, and sports.

Parents and teachers can play a pivotal role in helping a child learn math through extracurricular activities. Such activities do not have to be boring; they can be interactive, creative, and competitive.

Teachers can help students to prepare for math competitions using activities that build on math skills without worksheets or textbooks.

Sneaking math into extracurricular activities is not challenging, here are some of our favorite suggestions part 2:

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are exciting, measuring is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It is also a great way to introduce math to children. While measuring ingredients children learn the relationship between different quantities and fractions. 
8 Best Kids Cooking Classes Online 2022 - Cooking Classes for Kids
Other essential skills to help children get better at math include learning ratio and proportion and practicing calculations. If a child is whipping a batch of cookies, for example, suggesting a double or half recipe can introduce them to fractions. They will also have to figure out what ¾ cup of butter and 1 1/4 cups of flour is times two or divided by two.

Board Games

Games like Connect Four and Battleship enhance visual perception, they also require logic and mathematical reasoning.  Monopoly and Game of Life require players to use money and resources to reach a goal.
board games for children require mathematical reasoning
Playing board games at home or in an after-school club can help children get better at math. Card games, chess, and Rubik’s cubes are also interesting choices. Incorporating them in after-school math clubs can prepare students for math competitions and team challenges.


Students can learn math through music in subtle ways. For example, learning musical components like quarter, half, and whole notes can introduce math to children. Students learn musical notes by following the series of notes introduced by the teacher and playing the beats of the written notes. 
CommunitySpeak - Music helps children learn math effectively
Melody can also introduce math to children, the movement from one note to another is known as the melody of the song. Children can use melodies to recognize patterns, such as how notes are repeated within a song. When asked to play an instrument like a xylophone, piano or drum children can play the instrument by following the notes.


Sports are a great way to present academic concepts to children in an interesting and relatable way. Keeping records of a score helps children recall tallies. Children can keep a score by hand, such a basic exercise is a great way to introduce them to values. Basketball is also a helpful activity, a player’s distance to the basket determines whether their shot is worth two or three points.
Activities like running, swimming and racing can help players gauge their performance based on lap averages and time durations. A fraction of a second makes a big difference in coming second place or breaking a record, this is even more relevant in a sport like soccer. When including these mechanisms in games children will understand the value of units and measurements, which are essential math components. 
math applications in sports image

Math Activities For High School Students

High school students can have fun with online math games and also enhance their math ability. Playing golf games online can introduce trigonometry to upper, middle, and high school students.
Each activity is interactive and incorporates real applications of math concepts. KenKen puzzles are a great way to practice mental math and introduce math to middle school students. Math tic-tac-toe is a nice resource for a range of skills, including a brain-break or even practicing for a challenging math competition. 
KenKen puzzles

To Sum It All Up...

While the activities described above are helpful in enhancing a student’s math ability, they are not the only ways to improve their math skills.

Extracurricular activities have a wide range of benefits offering children the opportunity to develop friendships, build teamwork, problem-solving skills, and encourage superior academic performance. If your child has shown interest in math, extracurricular activities can increase their love and understanding of the subject.

Your child’s interest in math can open doors to exciting academic fields like engineering, architecture, medicine, and more.

Online Math Center is a great resource to boost your child’s math skills and grades. Contact us to get in touch with our math tutors!

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