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Christmas Math Worksheets

Christmas Math Worksheets

With winter holidays drawing near, our math tutors have prepared some fun and useful math worksheets that students can enjoy during celebrations.

Parents can find online printable worksheets for math students that enjoy drawing or coloring for practicing combined operations.

We selected a series of Christmas-themed worksheets for math practice: word problems and exercises inspired by our Math Symbols and Their Meanings series

Let’s Decorate The Christmas Tree: 

  1. There are 21-holiday cards above the chimney. 5 are Hanukkah cards. The rest are Christmas cards. What fraction of the cards above the chimney are Christmas cards? 

  1. John has a box of ornaments for the Christmas tree. In the box, there are 5 white angels and 3 blue bulbs, 12 candies and 5 white candles. Just as he decorated the Christmas tree, one bulb fell and broke to pieces, then he cannot find two candies. How many ornaments will John have on the Christmas tree? 

  1. Nick wants to decorate his windows with garland. Two of the windows are 3.4 feet by 5.2 feet and 4 of the windows are 3.6 feet by 4.8 feet. How many feet of garland does Nick need to decorate all of the windows? 

Help Santa Claus With The Gifts’ List

  1. Santa has 9 candy canes to give away. He has already given away 6. What fraction of candy cane has Santa given away? 

  1. One elf has 149 presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, he received 132 more presents and he already gave away 128 presents. How many presents did the elf still have to share on Christmas Day? 

  1. Dasher spent half as much as Prancer did on holiday presents this year and Cupid sent 3 times more than Dasher. If the total spent between the three of them is $720, how much did they each spend on gifts? 

Let’s Organize The Reeinders

  1. The reindeers were playing in the backyard and they mixed up the order of the gifts. Can you find the wrong number in the following series? 

                 A = 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12.             Wrong number: 

                 B = 1, 4, 9, 16, 24.                 Wrong number: 

                 C = 3, 9, 19, 32                      Wrong number: 

  1. Which number is missing in the following series: 

                  S1 = 32, 40, 24, 16, 24, …

                  A) 60           B) 12              C) 18            D) 8

                  S2= 1, 2, 6, 24, …

                  A) 32           B) 64           C) 144              D) 120

                  S3 = …, 12, 18, 10, 6, 14, 5, 0, 10.    

                  A) 14          B) 15          C) 16         D) 88

  1. Solve the following combined operations: 

  1. 5 + 7 × 8 – 3 = 
  2. (5 + 7) x (8-3) = 
  3. 3² – 2³x2 + 4 × 3-8 = 
  4. 14 ÷ 2 + 15 × 2 – 3³ = 
  5.  1 + 6 × 3 – 46 ÷ 2 + 4² ÷ 2 = 

Practice the following easy math challenges with your colleagues or family members in order to test who can find the solution quicker. 

Christmas Math Challenges 

  1. Use your math skills to find the value of each icon, knowing that: Grinch = 11, Hat = 2, Tree = 9, and the “?” = 22.

Math worksheets

          2. The value of each box represents the product of its corresponding row and column.



               Gingerbread House=6

               Gingerbread Man=12

               Hot Cocoa=4

               Gum Drop=24

               Candy Cane=16

               Hard Candy=18 


Math worksheets

3. Try to find the solutions to each of the following Christmas math riddles: 


A. Can you write down eight eights so that they add up to one thousand?


B. How many sides does a circle have?


C. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?


D. Santa Claus is four times as old as Peter Elf. In 20 years time Santa Claus shall be twice as old as Peter Elf. How old are they now?


E. Peter Elf wrote all the numbers from 300 to 400 on a piece of paper. How many times did he write the digit 3? 


F. Where Santa Claus lives  ½ of 5 = 3. If the same proportion holds, what is the value of 1/3 of 10?


G. An elf can place 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes into a carton for sending. In one gift race, he sent a total of 96 boxes. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many cartons did he send?


H.Ten identical cookies are to be distributed among five different kids (A, B, C, D, and E). All 10 cookies are distributed. How many different ways can the five kids be given cookies?


Practicing math during holidays can become a burden for students unless they are included in family activities.


At the Online Math Center, we help students integrate math practice in their daily routine with challenging exercises tailored for each student’s level.


We provide math tutoring programs for middle school students and math competition training.


Reach out to us to learn more about our methodology and get ready to enroll in the best math tutoring program. 

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