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High School Statistics

There is no doubt that when math students reach high school, the difficulty of their classes will go up. With this increase in difficulty comes and increase in the importance of some of the lessons. Statistics is one of the most fundamental areas of math that students must learn to grapple with if they are to reach their potential in math class.

Stats tell us so much about the world around us. Not just as it is today, but how it has changed in the past and how it may change in the future. We can trace populations in different countries, track which musician had the most successful album of the year, or even make educated guesses on what tomorrow’s weather will bring.

Statistics tell us what the average SAT score was in math over the last number of decades. Statistics can also help us see how many students will take the SAT math test this school year and how many kids are projected to fail their SAT math test.

In school, understanding statistics plays a pivotal role in a student’s development, not just in math class, but as a whole. Understanding statistics can help students in multiple subjects, such as history, science subjects, and even languages. 

When it comes to math class, however, it is hard to argue against the idea that is the most important topic students will encounter. 

What To Expect From High School Math Class

The requirements for maths students moving into high school can be split into two sections. One is the curriculum: a breakdown of topics and subtopics that each student will need to understand over the course of their various high school classes. The full high school curriculum will include topics like trigonometry and geometry, as well as topics like statistics, and schools aim to include some preparation for SATs in the form of exam practice. 

The other set of requirements pertains to prerequisites that incoming students must understand, and general tips that math students can follow. With the end of high school bringing students towards sitting for their SATs, it is vital that students learn how to study efficiently, reduce stress, and position themselves to thrive on the day of the test.

When it comes to statistics, the curriculum is quite exciting. It introduces fascinating new topics such as probability, but is also founded in topics students will have studied in the past. Unfortunately for some students, this reliance on topics that were supposed to be previously covered can be tricky.  

The reality is that, for many students, the math they were taught in middle school was just not comprehensive enough, and has left them with gaps in their knowledge. This is usually where many students tend to come down with their first dose of “Why is high school math class so hard?”.

Why Is High School Math Class So Hard

High school math class is definitely a step up from middle school math class. Not everyone can so easily wrap their head around trigonometry or quadratic equations

However, the reason for these issues is not that these topics are beyond their learning ability. Why so many students struggle with high school math so much is because they are entering the school with poor math foundations in place. 

How can students be expected to excel in trigonometry or geometry when their teachers from earlier years didn’t teach them about circles, triangles, and all the other shapes? 

Can a student be blamed for struggling with quadratic equations, when their middle school teachers failed to make sure they understood basic algebra? Of course not.

For many students beginning in high school, the number one priority needs to be plugging the gaps in their knowledge. By doing so, parents can rest assured, knowing their young learners can pay full attention to class, keep up with the pace, and, importantly, have the ability to turn back to previous, accurate lessons in times of doubt.

OMC Math Courses For High School Students

At OMC, we know exactly what students need to do to pass the all-important SATs. We also know just how difficult high school math classes can appear to be for students. As mentioned, one of the keys to success is to plug as many holes in your child’s math education as possible, as quickly as possible. OMC one-to-one tutoring classes are the best way to fill in any gaps that may remain from your child’s time in middle school.

You can also turn to OMC for high school-specific classes, where the entire curriculum will be covered. Finally, OMC also offers the opportunity to enroll your child in special SAT preparation courses, to ensure your child is ready for the test, having practiced in exam conditions throughout the year.

Contact OMC today for one-to-one tutoring, high school lessons, or SAT preparation classes. 

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