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As the SATs approach, both parents and students often deal with stress on a daily basis. When it comes to the SAT Math test, there are a host of problems that students face. Large classes in school, little to no one-on-one time with the teacher, slow lessons, and a lack of practice testing can leave many students feeling as if they are doomed to fail. 


Not if the Online Math Center can help it! 

Taking On The SAT Math Test


The SAT is the most important and most challenging test that a student will have taken in their lives thus far. Learners need to know a whole range of topics if they want to pass and do well in the exam. Algebra, data analysis & problem-solving, geometry, trigonometry, and problems with complex numbers will all show up on the test, so students need to have been taught all of these topics comprehensively.


Of course, a child’s ability to learn this subject matter is not the only obstacle they must overcome to achieve their desired grade on the test. Students must contest with all the hurdles that come with being in a large class of students that vary greatly in ability.


When this happens, teachers have to work very carefully. They cannot focus only on the slowest learners in the class, nor can they help the fastest students tear ahead, leaving others to fall further and further behind.


As if that wasn’t enough, at school, your child will be in a class with up to 20 or 30 other students. Naturally, the teacher cannot spend equal time with each student, nor can they always be relied on to maintain control of dozens of teenagers. Larger classes leave students far more vulnerable to gaps in their knowledge.

Practice Makes Perfect


Another key aspect of performing well during the SAT Math Test is having the chance to do practice tests beforehand. Not only do practice tests give students a flavor of what to expect in the exam content-wise, but they also give these young learners the opportunity to experience an exam setting. 


Getting the opportunity to experience this kind of exam environment is invaluable to students. They can have the test properly timed, they can get a feel for how to best approach the different sections of the test, and, importantly, it allows them to feel much more comfortable when the big day comes.


Without this practice, many kids will be distracted when it comes time to sit the SAT Math Test. They may even get nervous and waste time. When this happens, the entire experience can be very stressful and, more often than not, the student’s grade will be underwhelming. 


Prep For The Test, Ease Your Child’s Stress


Parents are, understandably, worried about their child’s performance on the SAT Math Test. A strong, foundational education is a hope that all parents share for their children. But, to properly perform, someone must properly prepare. 


Your child may be top of the math class, performing well consistently, and seemingly unfazed by the prospect of the SAT Math Test. This is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your child is not stressed about the test. After all, a student is only aware of the gaps in their learning that their teachers point out.


To ensure your child is fully prepared for the upcoming test, they need to know themselves that they’ve done everything possible to properly prepare for the test. 


That’s Where The Online Math Center Comes In…


Here at the OMC, we understand the importance of proper preparation and that’s why we offer a comprehensive SAT prep course. Unlike regular school-based preparation, our tutors address all of the issues we’ve laid out above and we offer valuable solutions to each and every one of them.


Whether you are worried about gaps in your child’s knowledge, stressing out at the fact that they are in a class of 30 students at school, or annoyed that their school doesn’t offer any practice testing, OMC has the answer.

Our dedicated, qualified tutors are experts in each and every question the SAT Math Test could pose. We have a wonderful team of capable tutors just waiting to teach. We offer an immersive practice testing experience, where students can make sure there are no surprises on the day of the test.


Our tutors can fill any gap in your child’s learning in a one-to-one setting, ensuring they are ready to Stand Up to the SAT Math Test! 


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