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How Individual Math Tutoring Helps Students Reach Their Potential

As students are settling back into lessons at school, teachers are beginning the unenviable task of managing large classes of students of varying abilities. In math class, in particular, the difference in students’ abilities can be drastic. Individual math tutoring has been proven to help students reach their potential when larger classes, and other issues, leave them with gaps in their knowledge, trailing behind, or, nervous about important, upcoming tests.


Individual math tutoring offers students a wide variety of benefits, including: encouraging students to ask questions; the ability to work at the student’s pace; the ability to work through problems fully; and an easier setting in which to apply real-life examples.


On the other hand, there are many issues that young learners face, when their only math lessons come in their (usually overflowing) classroom. Large classes have even been cited as a reason for the lack of teachers, recently.

The Issues With Larger Classes


Some of the problems that students face in large classes at school are a case of, you guessed it, simple math! 


If there is one teacher teaching a class of 20 students, that teacher can only spend a fraction of the lesson with any or all indifferent students. This leaves students, regardless of level, without much one-to-one time with their teacher, if any.


More often than not, the teacher will spend the majority of the time explaining concepts and working through examples on the board, based on little more than the speed or ability of the children who speak up most in class. 


Needless to say, this method of teaching can leave students who are shy with little to no input. On top of this, any students that struggle, or any students that find the pace too slow, will be getting frustrated, distracted, or both.


Speaking of distractions, this is one of the biggest problems teachers of large classes have to deal with at schools. It’s only natural for young school children to be excited when they’re together, and getting control of noisy, distracted classrooms is a job that eats into precious class time. 


How Individual Math Tutoring Can Help


As mentioned above, the benefits of individual math tutoring not only address the problems that students can face in their regular classes, but it can instill a level of confidence in students that is hard to create and nurture in a class of twenty or more students. 


We know that individual math tutoring gives students the opportunity to ask far more questions of their tutor than they could ever feasibly ask of their teachers in school. This is great, not just because it ensures that students fully understand the content they are learning, but because that process of understanding helps grow the child’s confidence. 


On top of this, it helps even the more shy learners ask the questions they need answered and, in time, is likely to help these same shy students become more vocal back in their normal classroom.


The ability to work at a student’s pace is one of the standout features of individual math tutoring. It means that students are no longer forced to learn at the speed of the faster, the slowest, or any other individual student from their class. The one-on-one nature of math tutoring also gives tutors the opportunity to work through entire problems in full, also at the pace of the student, to ensure each step of the process has been understood fully.


The last benefit of individual math tutoring that we must mention is the wiggle room it affords tutors. In a comfortable, one-to-one setting, it is much easier to explain problems using real-life examples. In large classes, attempts to introduce a practical element or a physical demonstration to a theoretical class often end in students becoming distracted. With individual math tutoring, there are no such concerns. 


Individual Math Tutoring At Online Math Center


Here at the Online Math Center, we are fully aware of the drawbacks of large classes, and how they can leave young math students feeling like they’re not reaching their potential.


That’s why we offer fully immersive individual math tutoring for middle and high school students. Our fully-fledged team of international tutors will guide your youngster through their entire curriculum. 


Not only will students be able to cover each and every topic they cover at school, but our tutors will also help them fill the gaps in their knowledge, prepare for any upcoming tests, and assign the students homework.


Make classroom issues a thing of the past by signing your child up for Online Math Center individual math tutoring. 


Contact us now to enroll your child! 


Feel free to browse our blog, to get more of a feel for how OMC leads in the way in individual math tutoring. 

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