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How OMC Helps Students Excel at Math

How OMC Helps Students Excel at Math

At OMC, we make it our mission to help students who attend our tutoring programs excel at math.


Whether our students want to improve their math skills for real-life situations or expand their knowledge for higher academic achievements, we customize our programs to fit their unique needs and goals.


As our founder, Mrs. Shumskaya, said: 


“Not every one of our students will become a great mathematician, but each of them will have practical skills and knowledge that will allow them to easily interact with society and solve various life problems. You ask me—how? The answer is simple: they will learn to find patterns in the world around them, which is a key skill of a successful person.” 


From basic algebra and geometry concepts to complex problem-solving, we teach our students to navigate mathematics with ease and passion so that they develop the confidence and analytical skills they need to handle any challenges they might encounter at school or in their future careers.


That being said, let’s look at the ways in which we help students achieve that.

1. OMC’s Unique Methodology

We are uniquely positioned to help students consolidate their math knowledge and prepare for college admission exams like the ACT or SAT due to our online tutoring methodology, primarily developed by Mrs. Shumskaya who is a qualified methodologist and author of educational programs for general and specialized schools with advanced programs of mathematics.


Over the course of 35 years, Mrs. Shumskaya has been actively teaching and conducting research in her field. Drawing from her vast experience, Mrs. Shumskaya has created the OMC program to nurture mathematical talent, enable mathematical thinking, and promote a passion for math via interactive online classes that feature the in-depth study of algebra and geometry.

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2. Academic Success

So far, we’ve helped over 500 students improve their math grades and exam results. This was possible thanks to our dedicated tutors who go out of their way to support students in achieving their academic goals.


Whether they received help with their homework, exam preparation, or sat down with tutors for friendly one-on-one chats about mathematical concepts, our students were able to completely transform their learning experience and perform better in school.

This is also reflected in OMC’s final test results. More than 60 students passed the final OMC test with maximum score, proving that our online tutoring programs and methodology are truly efficient. The 60+ students who achieved a maximum score on our final test are perfectly prepared to tackle any complex math challenges that they may encounter in competitions, college, career, or life.

3. Independent Learning

Our main goal is to help students develop their individual learning styles and become independent learners. And this ambitious goal is more profound as it goes beyond the fundamentals of math tutoring.


Once students become confident in their math skills and learn how to study math on their own, they can apply these abilities in other areas, whether in their personal or professional lives. 

Most OMC students quickly grow into independent, confident learners thanks to the transformative learning experience we provide.


Our tutors ensure that OMC students evolve from learning how to memorize or calculate to fundamentally understanding how math works. So, we help our students improve their grades and build their math skills while also helping them develop mathematical and critical thinking so that they can solve problems on their own.

Parent Feedback

One of our main priorities throughout the OMC tutoring process is to keep in touch with parents and provide each other with mutual feedback regarding the evolution of each student. It’s this collaborative effort that truly makes a difference in a child’s academic performance.


Parents trust us to enable their children to work independently, improve their grades, and develop their passion for math. And we are always delighted to learn from parents how students feel about math once they enroll in our programs

For example, one parent told us that their 8th-grade boys enjoy their lessons and tutor because the OMC program “Makes math fun and helps them better understand the material they are being taught in school.


Likewise, many students taking the trial class are considering switching to OMC permanently. As another parent told us: 

My son took a pilot program. He is in the 10th grade and felt it was a solid lesson. It was a math concept he had learned a couple of years ago but not very well. He was able to relearn it saying the way it was taught this time made sense to him. He felt the teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful and would highly recommend!


So What Are You Waiting For?


If you want your child to experience similar results and discover a new way of learning math that is easy and fun, please reach out to us for further insights.


We are happy to get back to you with the information you need in the shortest time possible.

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