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Explore the Fun Side of Math This Summer with OMC

Some of the best childhood memories are created during the summer holiday. It is undoubtedly an excellent time to experience the best nature has to offer, go swimming, play with friends, and partake in all sorts of fun and games.


As parents and tutors, many of us are wondering how to maximize that wonderful and wholesome summer fun while also mitigating learning loss, commonly known as the summer slide.


The summer slide is a decline in academic skills that occurs, as the name suggests, during the summer months when regular school is out of session. Although children may receive assignments to work on during the summer break, tackling them alone or without a tutor’s support can be cumbersome. 


Furthermore, knowing that math is a cumulative subject that requires a cumulative learning approach, it would be unwise and imprudent to let students go out of practice for three months.


That being said, summer is the perfect time to approach math with a brilliant smile and explore the fun side of it. It’s the right time to make any exercise feel like a game and turn any problem into an entertaining puzzle that can be solved together with friends.


With this in mind, we’ve planned out the perfect mix of fun and education for this summer so that you can rest assured that your child will create memorable experiences, practice their math skills, and enforce their love of learning.

OMC’s Summer Program for Middle and High School Students

As part of our summer program, we’ve prepared two math learning sessions for June and August. Each of the two sessions consists of 2 classes per week with max 8 students per class. Both for middle school and high school students, we will be creating an individual tutoring program upon request.


So, what can you expect from our summer program? Regardless of which session your child will enroll in, we guarantee everyone will experience equal amounts of fun and learning. Alongside their tutors, students will:


  • Play several mathematical and logical games to practice their analytical thinking in the most engaging manner;
  • Watch funny videos about math and problem-solving to strengthen their love of math through resources that are presented in a familiar and engaging format;
  • Solve puzzles and math riddles to challenge students while also encouraging them to tackle problems that they might’ve previously perceived as too difficult;
  • Recap the school program to be better prepared for the next year.

Far from traditional schooling, our summer program has been designed to provide learning opportunities that hone the math skills of middle and high school students in an engaging and fun way that doesn’t feel like school at all.


Enrolling is easy and convenient, too. Contact us and we will take care of your request and get back to you with further details.

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