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Coding For Math Kids

Coding For Math Kids

The new mathematics is programming. Since technology plays an important role in our adult life regardless of the workplace, schools have largely adopted mathematical technology in the teaching curriculum. Children are taught programming, therefore coding is a viable ability for their professional development. Introducing coding at a young age, it’s going to give children a head start and include them in activities that add to their intellectual experience. 

So What Is Coding For Kids?

Schools have built up a series of teaching programs and learning opportunities for children to get involved in coding activities. Coding for kids uses a more entertaining and dynamic approach in order to keep the children engaged. Even though coding has been introduced mainly through online schools and tutoring, there are several in-person schools that hold coding classes for children. 
coding for kids

Coding refers to the aspect of writing a language that the computer can understand and execute. Behind any website or online content, there is  HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. HTML refers to the standard markup language for documents that will be displayed in a web browser. 

CSS refers to the designing of the website, including the separation of visual graphics and text, such as layout, colors, and fonts. 

Javascript is a programming language that deals with the motion and behavior of websites or web elements. These three are the basic coding languages and are used globally.

How To Choose The Best Coding Classes?

Most coding classes are dedicated to high school or graduate students since they can already be included in internships at technology companies, however, young children also have the chance to learn fundamental coding from an early age.

Classes for kids will generally involve pedagogical strategies appropriate for each category of age. Children in middle school should be integrated into coding classes that align their curriculum with general education defined by developing new skills and training innate abilities in a creative and fun way. According to UNICEF reports, children of 3 to 8 years learn best through games and interactive activities, so a useful coding class would use this approach in order to teach young children coding. 

What To Learn In Coding Classes?

A well-thought curriculum would start with the fundamentals of computer technology, even the basic skills such as keyboard use (shortcuts according to the operating system) and training logical thinking through game coding such as drag and drop or puzzles.


After familiarizing the children with the fundamentals of computer languages, the next level is to teach them what happens behind the scenes when a website or game is created. From this point on, children will learn how to create responsive websites or interactive elements. The most advanced level is imputing coding languages in order to create games or edit already-existing games. 

Benefits Of Learning To Code For Math Kids

Mathematics is an integral part of programming, so teaching children how to interpret and use code will also enhance their mathematical skills. Coding will help children: 

  • Improve logical thinking


  • Improve problem-solving skills


  • Teach how to anticipate and solve obstacles


  • Increase resilience and patience


  • Improve analytical thinking skills


  • Teach practical creativity 
kids coding

The Four Coding Games Online for Math Kids

This selection of free coding games online for young children can be also used during family activities or be integrated by teachers into math tutoring classes. 


  1. Scratch – developed by an online coding school, this game is free and dedicated to middle school graders, teaching them basic coding skills. It requires an account, then you can start creating your own animation or games.


  2. mBlock – Steam-based coding platform that can also be downloaded for PC versions, compatible with Windows and Mac.


  3. CodinGame – a more challenging and complex coding platform, it uses a vast amount of coding languages for high-level coding children. It requires an account.


  4. Coding Games for Kids – it’s a mobile app, compatible with both Android, and iOS, but it’s free and dedicated to kids.


  5.’s Minecraft – Minecraft is a highly popular game for children of all ages and what better opportunity than to learn coding through your favorite game? is a platform dedicated to teaching and learning programming, so they also offer free gaming options for children. 


Our math tutors at the OMC believe that practical education is an integral part of successful development. Therefore, our math programs include a variety of teaching strategies for middle-school students. We also offer individual math tutoring classes for math kids that want to tackle competitions

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