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Challenges of Math: A Tutor’s Perspective

Tutoring has a long-standing history, not only as an additional teaching technique but also as a main method of learning. Considering tutoring as teaching, the methodology changed throughout the years from conveying and memorizing information to nurturing the student into acquiring and processing information. This leads us to the Online Math Center’s tutoring formula in order to encourage students to become independent learners. 

What’s So Special About OMC Math Tutors?

In an interview with the OMC math tutor, Anna Vang, she explains that her role as a tutor is to put the learner’s needs and emotions first. When students are struggling, they should feel supported, and exposed to the fact that at the end of their troubling journey, they will be successful.


The game-changer in the OMC math teaching approach is that students are encouraged to believe that regardless of challenges, they can apply mathematics successfully. Confidence is essential to growing to like learning mathematics. 

How Do We Approach Struggling Students?

Many times, parents who contact OMC have children that struggle with a growing frustration towards mathematics or that are discouraged in the classroom. In this kind of situation, it’s best to go for a one-to-one, individualized tutoring session so the child doesn’t feel put against the wall. In-class, or in-group competition can often aggravate frustration.


Thus, in an individual class, the math tutor can discuss with the student in order to find out the source of frustration, and what the student needs as guidance and help. A paramount approach is to help the child understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process. Then, try different strategies on the same mathematical problem in order to determine which suits the student best. 

Is Online, In-Group Tutoring Useful?

In-group tutoring offers the opportunity for tight collaboration between students, encouraging them to develop teamwork skills. Moreover, technology allows the tutor to privately message the students in case there are problems that need to be solved discreetly. Children, and especially teenagers are inclined to spend more time online, so they can fill this time with studying in the comfort of their own house, and be part of a learning community, with shared, common experiences. Often, students look out for each other and inspire one another. 

What Is The Grading System Used In OMC Math Tutoring Programs?

Since we use a curriculum adapted to each student’s needs, we have to monitor the student’s progress in order to ensure that tutoring is working. So, we use a modular testing system, with results expressed in percentages and a standard grading system. If the student still has some misunderstandings or mistakes, we go over each challenge separately in order to make sure that they comprehend the mathematical operations. Also, we give students homework assignments through online platforms, and if they have any issues, they can leave a comment so we can guide them furthermore. At the same time, we encourage students to be as independent as possible while solving assignments.

What Motivates The OMC Math Tutor?

When you see students progress and get rid of frustration or struggle is highly rewarding. Even witnessing how difficult learning becomes, gradually, better day by day, how students become better at using logic is amazing. The fact that we, the math tutors, are part of their journey that will turn their future into better prospects is something that cannot be traded for anything in the world. “It is such a feeling”, comments Anna Vang, OMC math tutor. 

At the Online Math Center, we invite each student to discover a positive and thorough experience in learning mathematics, so they can be successful. Reach out to us for further information on the OMC math tutoring programs. 

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