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Summertime Mathematics

Summertime Mathematics

Summer is not too far away, and it’s never too early to start preparing for summer activities. While many summer plans include sun, sand, and fun, practicing math at home during the summer is a great way to reinforce skills and prepare for the upcoming school year. This may not seem exciting but who wants to forget all the important information they spent all school year studying?

There are many ways to practice mathematics over the summer and they do not have to be a nuisance. By including these 9 activities in your routine, you can maintain and strengthen your math skills with ease. You can prepare for success in the upcoming school year by practicing math at home (or on the road) in an engaging and fulfilling way.

1. Set Up a Dedicated Study Area

While at home, create a comfortable and organized study space where you can focus on math activities without distractions. This space does not necessarily have to be a desk but a space that provides you access to a computer and a flat surface is best. If not at home, pick a comfortable spot with internet access and no distractions. That means somewhere quiet that is away from any video game consoles, toys, or board games.

2. Practice Basic Skills Regularly

Dedicate time each day (or week) to practice fundamental math skills based on your grade level. Even basics like addition and multiplication can be helpful in keeping your mathematical mind sharp. Do not be afraid to use flashcards or online tools to keep it fun and engaging.

If you don’t know where to begin, revise the chapters you covered towards the end of the school year to make sure you’re ready to begin the next chapter of your math journey. For students that excelled in the previous year, consider looking ahead to your upcoming topics to get a basic understanding before the new year.

3. Use Online Resources

Take advantage of online math resources such as the classes offered at Online Math Center. OMC offers online math tutoring with small classrooms and two difficulty levels per grade so you will always be challenged while learning. Online Math Center will allow you to keep up with your math lessons no matter where you are.

4. Play Math Games

Incorporate math games into your summer activities to make practicing math more enjoyable. Games like Bingo, Jeopardy, and many card games all incorporate math and can be a fun way to practice your skills with friends. Card games or working on a Rubik’s cube are particularly easy on a train, plane, or in the car.

5. Engage in Real-World Math Activities

Apply math to everyday tasks such as measuring ingredients while baking, calculating discounts while shopping, or measuring distances when planning a road trip. You’ll be surprised at where and when you encounter math, even in the most unlikely or mundane situations.

6. Explore Math Through Art or Nature

Review your geometry skills by creating art using shapes and patterns. While you’re enjoying the warm weather, enjoy the math you find in nature. Explore symmetry, topology, or origami, all which involve mathematical concepts in a creative yet practical way. Keeping your creative juices flowing during the summer is another great way to prepare for the next school semester.

7. Teach Someone Else

Teach a friend, parent, or sibling what you’ve learned in math. Even if the concepts are ones they already know, they are the perfect audience to confirm your knowledge. In addition, explaining concepts to others helps reinforce your own understanding of the topic.

8. Use Educational Apps

Download math-focused apps that offer interactive lessons and games. An interactive format to education and practicing skills will make it more fun during the summer months. Apps are also an easy way to practice math while on the go or stuck indoors on a rainy day.

9. Set Goals and Track Progress

Set achievable math goals for the summer and track your progress along the way. Write down these goals and check in each week to see if you are on track to complete them in the time you’ve provided for them. Master the Rubik’s cube, learn a new topic, or commit to teaching a friend something new in math. Celebrate your accomplishments and stay motivated and committed to your summer learning journey.

At Online Math Center

It is smart and worthwhile to invest time studying math during the summer months. Students can improve their arithmetic skills, get a competitive advantage over their fellow classmates, and develop great habits when studying. Without devoting some attention to math throughout the summer, you risk holding yourself back now and in the future.

At OMC, students can improve their core skills through classes and tutoring. With two difficulty levels every grade, OMC strives to progress each student as far as possible in mathematics – and beyond. Contact OMC now to learn more.

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